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Tooth Extraction

Nobody looks forward to tooth extraction. While many teens and adults get their wisdom teeth removed, others may need additional teeth extracted due to different circumstances. Our staff at Fort Bend Oral Surgeons in Sugar Land and Missouri City, TX have years of experience extracting teeth. We make sure you’re as comfortable as possible to lessen the anxiety of undergoing this procedure. If one of our dentists recommended for you to have a tooth removed or are experiencing pain and discomfort in your mouth, call our office today to schedule an appointment.

doctor and patient looking at xray

Why Do Patients Need Tooth Extractions?

There are many reasons to extract a tooth. Excessive tooth decay, crowding, and tooth infection is the leading examples. More unique cases may require a surgeon to remove one or two teeth to provide room for other shifting teeth during orthodontic treatments. In some rare occurrences, patients undergoing chemotherapy or about to go under for an organ transplant may need teeth removed to keep their mouth safe and healthy.

The Procedure and After-Care

We can remove a tooth by a simple or surgical process. The procedure will depend on multiple factors, including whether the tooth is visible or impacted. We apply a local anesthetic and sometimes combine it with intravenous anesthesia. The more severe the procedure, the more likely the patient undergoes general anesthesia, so they’re unconscious throughout the process. Surgical extraction requires the oral surgeon to cut into the gum, removing the bone around the tooth and extracting the tooth itself. Recovery time usually takes a few days and requires you to take prescribed medications. You will also have and a few limitations, such as not using a straw, smoking and reducing your daily activity. It’s important to care for the area after surgery, as the site can become infected or cause patient fever, pain, pus, or drainage. Patients can slowly reintroduce solid foods into their diet after a few days of recovery.

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